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Water Engineering

Storm Water - Flood Defence

We can Design and Install systems to store or directly pump storm water, and can install water tight defences for domestic or commercial properties to protect from floodwaters.


We Supply and Install Below Ground and Above Ground Pumping Stations, and high efficiency SBR systems, working with domestic pumping stations, through to adoptable stations. In line with these services we fulfill contact maintenance on all Sewage facilities - contact us for further information.

Pumping Installations

Using our highly qualified installation engineers will guarantee the quality of your work . We provide installations, maintenance contracts, servicing and an emergency service, and provide risk assessments/Method Statements as applicable. We can also supply Crane Plans and Appointed Persons/Slingers with any crane installations.


Whether you have no mains, a well that dries out or a large water demand, our highly experienced drilling teams can drill boreholes across the country. We also can supply and install pumps and treatment as necessary. Please see our dedicated "borehole" section for further information.

Pipeline Installation

Whether it be trenching, moling or above ground pipe work we can supply you with a cost effective solution, and if necessary design the pipework to help with flow rates/friction loss etc.

Well Reinstatement

If you have a well in your garden it is nowadays prudent to use it contact us to arrange a visit where a member of our Engineering Staff can put into place a plan for you to obtain a new source of water for your garden.


Expert installation and unmatched service of quality - irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties, ranging from small systems for a back garden to large systems for Agriculture or Sport.

Water Wells

A water well can be a cost effective alternative to a borehole - dug principally for irrigation, they can be designed to look attractive in a garden, and can be fitted with hand pumps, making them a very 'green' alternative. Contact us for more details or to arrange a site visit.