Whether you have no mains, a well that dries out or a large water demand, our highly experienced drilling teams will mean drilling a borehole is achieved with the minimum of fuss and to the highest of standards.


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With the rising cost and fragility of supplies of water, increasing numbers of individuals, commercial enterprises and major industries are turning to boreholes to supply the quality and quantity of water they desire.

Domestically, a borehole provides natural, untreated water, which is the primary source of water for both water companies and bottled water suppliers. You are not subjected to restrictions during drought periods, and are entitled to extract up to 20,000 litres of water a day, making irrigation systems realistic and affordable for all gardens.

Commercially and Industrially the cost of drilling a borehole, installing pumping and treatment equipment is higher however it is relatively common to have payback periods from 1-3 years, making it a highly viable capital investment.

As a company we can provide initial information regarding viability, through to the drilling, full pumping and filtration systems and ongoing maintenance contracts.

Recently, we have drilled boreholes for a fishery in Hampshire, private houses in Dorset, Wiltshire, East and West Sussex, Irrigation Systems in Surrey, Kent, Gloucestershire and Essex, and Farming boreholes in Wales and the Centre for Dairy Research, Berkshire, amongst others.

We have built a reputation around the high quality and value of our work, and our excellent customer service- in line with this we are particularly proud to have been appointed to install a borehole irrigation system for the Royal Windsor Horse Show, leading to the European Championships in 2009.

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