Whether you have no mains, a well that dries out or a large water demand, our highly experienced drilling teams will mean drilling a borehole is achieved with the minimum of fuss and to the highest of standards.

Borehole Prognosis

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For a definitive answer about the geology beneath the intended drilling site, it is most prudent to get a Borehole Prognosis Report. Apart from the obvious description of strata, this will also highlight the likelihood of finding things that will add to the cost of a basic borehole - a deep bore, difficult drilling, iron content in water, salinity and other complications, like the presence of mines etc.

There are two options available:

Mason Price can commission a basic report for 100, to include details on local boreholes, local geology and presence/quality of water.

The British Geological Society (BGS) put together a comprehensive report used widely by the Industry for 310.

A sample report is viewable here: Link

The link to order this report is here: Link

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