Whether you have no mains, a well that dries out or a large water demand, our highly experienced drilling teams will mean drilling a borehole is achieved with the minimum of fuss and to the highest of standards.

Borehole Procedure

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When commissioning us to put your water supply in place, the course of events will generally be as follows:

1) A last site meeting to finalise the exact positioning of the borehole, and put in place any of the smaller details.
2) The rig is mobilised for site, and arrives with all other necessary equipment.
3) The drilling starts/finishes
4) A test pump is put in the well, volume available deduced, water sample taken.
5) Chamber is built around casing, any trenching for water pipe/electrics done.
6) Pump Headwork’s, Pump and Rising Main installed, electrics and water connected.
7) UV and Filtration installed, water pipe to house installed.
8) System Commissioned.

- In general, the above works take 2-3 weeks. However, a borehole can take up to a month to drill in difficult geology.
- With regard Commercial and Industrial applications, the pumping equipment can be more complex i.e. tanks, booster sets and therefore take longer to specify and install.
- If the EA have requested a pump test, this period can be anything from 24 hours to four weeks, so this increases both the time and cost of the project.

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