Whether you have no mains, a well that dries out or a large water demand, our highly experienced drilling teams will mean drilling a borehole is achieved with the minimum of fuss and to the highest of standards.

Borehole FAQ

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How do I progress my interest?

In some areas the geology may be thoroughly mapped, or we may have an understanding of the local conditions. However if the site geology threatens to be challenging, it may be prudent to commission a Borehole Prognosis. We can best advise you on the necessity of this part. Based upon this information, and a site visit, we can provide an estimate for the works.

How deep will the hole be?

Boreholes can be as deep as is necessary, but an average is around 30-60 metres.

How long will my borehole last?

A correctly constructed borehole should last a lifetime. Badly drilled or poorly constructed holes lead to pump problems and inefficiencies consequentially this can cost considerable sums and inconvenience. We use modern equipment and materials along with good design to eradicate problems.

What size will my borehole be?

A borehole is drilled principally to supply the water requirement indicated by the client. However, a normal domestic borehole is drilled 200mm and finished with a 113mm liner. The hole is then gravel packed and grouted from ground level down to rock-head to ensure there is no contamination of the borehole from the surface.

Can the quantity and quality of my water be guaranteed?

As with any drilling operation there is a risk attached to the outcome of the works it is best practice to get a borehole prognosis to ascertain the likely outcome of the drilling, but the fact that there may be poor quality, or even no water found in spite of a positive prognosis, no matter how rare an occurrence, should always be considered.

How is the water supplied from the borehole?

A submersible pump will be put in the borehole, that will pump the water around the property/premises at 2-5 bar. If the supply is sufficient, no storage will be needed. If any filtration or treatment is deemed necessary, this will all be installed on the back of the water quality report.

With larger industrial systems storage is normally necessary we can design, supply and install pumping and treatment systems for all types of applications.

Whom do I need to inform?

Residential users need not inform anyone about their intention to abstract water, as long as it does not exceed the daily allowance of 20,000 litres. Anything beyond this needs permission from the EA to even drill the hole, and the final permitted amount of extraction is subject to a pump test to see if it affects the aquifer, and is licensed on the basis of these results. In either case the borehole needs reporting to the BGS.